The first step is the hardest

Well, that’s what they say, anyway. And it’s true, to an extent. But the hardest thing is the first step after being away for a while. Okay, maybe I should start at the beginning.

Hi, I’m Meg. I’m 5’7″, and currently I weigh 216 lbs. About 2 years ago, I had lost about 40 lbs and was well on my way to being a healthy (for me) weight. So what happened? Long story short, I hit a depression spiral, fell off the fitness wagon, and gained it all back. Now, I’m starting over. But this time, I’m writing everything down. Partly for accountability, partly because I’ve heard that if you try something different it’s more likely to work better.

So, that’s the plan. Track everything, write everything down. As well as any interesting tidbits I find along the way. Join me, won’t you? Let’s take this journey together.

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  1. uberbeastmode

     /  August 14, 2012

    Joined. šŸ™‚ Good luck, you can do it and will love the new healthier you! Remember, permanent results come from permanent changes.

    • Thanks! I’m hoping the accountability of having to write everything down publicly will help get me to the point where the habits are formed (or, in my case, re-formed) so they’re more likely to stay permanent.

  2. Hey! I really like your idea of writing everything down!^^ I know a lot of people do it.. including myself.. and it really does help.. when I lose or gain weight, I can just check back on the week to see what I did right or wrong and it really does motivate you more^^ good luck!!

    • Hey, thanks! Yeah, the tracking really does work both ways. It helps keep me honest in the moment, and then it also gives me a record to look back on and see what I need to tweak.

  3. Your determination and drive is palpable! I know you’ll achieve your goals of being fit and healthy!

  4. kiddy2104

     /  August 14, 2012

    Starting this blog is the first step towards achieving your goal:))
    I can relate so much…

  5. Jim Carson

     /  August 15, 2012

    Good Luck, Meg!

    In 2010 I went from 190 to 145. I never denied myself anything (not even wine) except portion size. At restaurants I’d encourage my wife to over-order and then eat what she didn’t. I’d cook massive meals, but before anyone got any I’d put small portions on plates and then the rest in small portions in tupperware. If I was still hungry two hours after dinner, I’d have another portion.

    I recorded my weight every morning by using the Wii Fit. I still have the graph today.

    • Jim,

      It really is all about portion size, isn’t it? When I was “in the groove”, so to speak, I was on Weight Watchers and that was my biggest breakthrough. I’m a snacker/grazer, so I had to learn how to replace my chips and cookies with things like grapes and baby carrots. Also, eating slower and savoring things. One of the things I still have issues with is on the occasion I allow myself to splurge, I need to learn to enjoy the splurge without feeling guilty, because it’s planned.

      I like the idea of portioning meals immediately and Tupperware-ing the rest, it’s handy for portion control and also remembering to put leftovers away so they’re not wasted!


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