Now with more zombies

This is a bit of a bonus, so to speak. Last week, I was turned on to a fabulous immersive running app/game called Zombies, Run!

Being chased by the undead is surprisingly good motivation.

The way it works is, you start the app and are immersed in a postapocalyptic world. There was a zombie outbreak, and you are a runner for a small colony of survivors. Your jobs can be anything from supply runs to distractions, to chasing down traitors. The app will play audio clips from the story, and then it’ll switch over to your custom music playlist. In between the songs, you’ll get more audio clips. You can also choose to add “zombie chases” to add a bit of interval training. You also collect supplies along the way, and when you finish your run, you can log onto the website and allocate those supplies to various sections of your individual base.

At the end of each mission, you get a summary of your distance/time/pace/calories burned, and a codex of information about the supplies you collected and any story tidbits you uncovered.

I’m having a fabulous time with it, even if it is a little creepy to hear zombie breathing in my headphones when I’m walking through the early-morning darkness in my neighborhood. Though, it’s a plus that nobody’s around to hear me muttering “I have a bad feeling about this” to myself.


Rules of the road

Okay, first things first. Some ground rules.

  1. Every day I’ll put up a post detailing my food and exercise for the day, as well as my starting weight.
  2. I’ll weigh in every day, first thing in the morning.
  3. Everything gets written down. EVERYTHING. Those chocolate chip cookies that I just had to snack on? Yep, they get written down too.
  4. Every Friday, I’ll do a fitness news roundup from around the interwebs, just to get some general knowledge going.
  5. Every Wednesday, I’ll have something fun. A surprise!
  6. And every Monday will have a guilty pleasure to start the week. Maybe food, maybe music or a movie. Because everything in moderation is fantastic, but we all need just a little splurge once in a while, and scheduling it makes it easier to focus on everything else.

Alright, let’s hit it!

The first step is the hardest

Well, that’s what they say, anyway. And it’s true, to an extent. But the hardest thing is the first step after being away for a while. Okay, maybe I should start at the beginning.

Hi, I’m Meg. I’m 5’7″, and currently I weigh 216 lbs. About 2 years ago, I had lost about 40 lbs and was well on my way to being a healthy (for me) weight. So what happened? Long story short, I hit a depression spiral, fell off the fitness wagon, and gained it all back. Now, I’m starting over. But this time, I’m writing everything down. Partly for accountability, partly because I’ve heard that if you try something different it’s more likely to work better.

So, that’s the plan. Track everything, write everything down. As well as any interesting tidbits I find along the way. Join me, won’t you? Let’s take this journey together.