Friday Roundup: Eating cheese and lighting water – for science!

Well, good morning, campers! It’s Friday, so here’s some things I found lying around the web. They’re all at least tangentially related to health or fitness!

Working Out:

3 Moves to Make You a Better Runner – A lot of workouts/stretches for runners focus on the muscles being worked when you run, but this one gives you some workout tips for overall alignment and balance. Plus? Toe yoga!

The Angry Birds Workout Plan – I’m sorry, do I even need an explanation for this? Angry. Birds. Workout. Plan.

Anywhere Workout – Get rid of the excuses about not being able to go to the gym or not being able to afford workout equipment. This is a great circuit you can do at home with no equipment at all.

Eating Right:

20 Superfoods for Weight Loss – Deprivation diets don’t work; I can tell you that from experience. Here’s a list of foods compiled by Self magazine that you can eat shamelessly, including some oldies but goodies (apples, blueberries) and some surprising picks (parmesan cheese)!

Donutmania! – Hungry Girl’s low-fat solutions and recipes if you really want some donuty goodness.

How to Cook: Salmon and Asparagus – The nerds over at Nerd Fitness put this easy-to-follow recipe together for honey-soy salmon and asparagus. Yum!

Random Roundup:

Pi cake pan – Yes, technically this is a cake pan. But you can make all kinds of healthy desserts in a cake pan! Plus? Anything round with pi on it gets my vote. What can I say? When you have a math teacher for a father, these are the kinds of things that find you.

Water bottle ice cube tray – Make ice cubes perfectly sized for your water bottle! Is there anything ThinkGeek can’t do? Don’t answer that.

Solar-powered water bottle cap – Turn your water bottle into a solar-powered lantern! Recycling and geekily cool!


Thursday, August 16 – Journal

Today’s weight: 215 lbs

5:15am: Morning walk – 41:54, 2.35 miles (using Zombies, Run!)
6:00am: Banana
7:30am: Jimmy Dean Delights turkey sausage egg muffin
11:30am: Healthy Choice steamer: Asian-style potstickers
2:00pm: Weight Watchers mini ice cream sandwiches (2) (they’re so tiny!) (and I have to go to the grocery store after work so this will help me stave off hunger-impulse buying!)
5:30pm: Salad (mixed greens, half an avocado, a few cherry tomatoes, some waldorf topping: raisins, walnuts, dried apples) with champagne vinaigrette
6:30pm: Pork chop, Stovetop stuffing
8:00pm: Klondike 100-calorie ice cream bar

So I’m trying a sort of live-updating process with this today, rather than posting everything at the end of the day. Possibly having an ongoing public record will help me with snack-decision-making throughout the day.

Wednesday, August 15 – Journal

Today’s weight: 215 lbs

5:15am: Morning walk – 30:53, 1.67 miles (using Zombies, Run!)
6:00am: Banana
7:30am: Tall skinny vanilla latte and ham breakfast sandwich from Starbucks
10:15am: Nonfat blackberry yogurt
12:30pm: Healthy Choice steamer: barbecue steak and red potatoes (omg so good)
2:00pm: Weight Watchers mini ice cream sandwich
3:30pm: 1/4 cup trail mix
6:30pm: linguine with tomato sauce, 2 slices french bread, 6 oz chicken thighs
9:00pm: Drumstick ice cream cone

Still working on the whole sweets thing…I think I’m going to try subbing in fruit again for some of those desserts.

Tuesday, August 14 – Journal

Today’s weight: 216 lbs

5:15am: Morning walk – 41:12, 2.26 miles (using Zombies, Run!)
6:00am: Banana
7:30am: Oatmeal with skim milk
8:30am: 2 chocolate-chip cookies (well, I needed to take my daily vitamin and you’re supposed to take it with food. Nausea averted!)
9:00am: Nonfat strawberry-banana yogurt
12:00pm: Smart Ones szechuan chicken and noodles and a Diet Snapple (lemonade/iced tea flavor)
1:30pm: 2 chocolate-chip cookies (I had 4 total left over from the batch I made last night, and I can’t just WASTE them!)
5:30pm: 3 oz penne pasta with tomato sauce and albacore tuna, salad, 2 slices of French bread, and a glass of iced tea
7:00pm: (yes, planning ahead) 1 cup Dreyer’s slow-churned mint cookie crunch ice cream with a tablespoon of lightly salted peanuts (yes, I’m weird)

All in all, a little dinner/dessert heavy, but I think a good place to start!